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Top 20 Mods for SC: Forged Alliance

Ok, so I just came back after a long long break from Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance. The reason for the break was that my computer just sucked way way too much to play the game. I just got a new computer (core i7, 3.2ghz 4 core, nvidia gtx 480, 6gb of ram, etc.), so reinstalling sup com was a priority.
But, I have lost all my mods.
So, I was wondering if I could get a little help putting together a list of the best mods for Forged Alliance.
Currently, my only experience is with the mods that ran on my old computer.
Those are:
Hot Stats
UI-SCU Upgrade Manager
Mex Manager
Player Colors (brighter)
Bigger Strat Build Icons
Template Rotator
V2 FA Sequentially Upgrading Extractors
UI Mass Fab Manager
Selected Unit Info FA
All of the above were downloaded through "The Vault", so I do not know if they are the most up-to-date versions or not.
Please tell me if the most up-to-date version is NOT the version in the vault.
I am mostly interested in UI changing mods, that still allow me to play online, BUT I do want to try out a couple non-ui mods.
I hear Sorian's AI is pretty cool, and I'm sure someone has a great unit pack with some beastly experimentals to try out.
Help me out,
I will compile a big list here, after people advise me on the best ones to add.

Ok, here is my list so far:
5iver Nukem
Hot Stats
One Click Wonder
Player Colors (brighter)
Score Announce
Supreme Economy
UI Mass Fab Manager
V2 FA Sequentially Upgrading Extractors
(i use ALL these UI mods listed above, at the same time)
Duncan's AI patch
Sorian AI
4x Units
3603 patch MOD
Honorable Mention:
W-Groups (i could not get this to work, it has a possible conflict with 1-click-wonder)
Helper Tools (i find that v2 fa sequentially upgrading extractors works better)
Moveable UI (cool, but i don't need to move my ui)
AZUI (i couldn't figure out what this did, and it also conflicts with v2 fa sequential upgrading extractors)
Backport (totally screwed up my control grouped factories, and i really dislike the single click auto select all of a group)
Black Ops (haven't really tried this yet, beyond looking at the new experimentals)
Phantom-N (haven't tried this at all yet)
Total Veterancy G (haven't tried it yet, but i also hate hero-type games like warcraft 3, etc.)
4th Dimension (haven't tried it yet)
UI-SCU Upgrade Manager (not needed if you use GAZ_UI)
Bigger Strat Build Icons (not needed if you use GAZ_UI)
Template Rotator (not needed if you use GAZ_UI)
Selected Unit Info FA (not needed if you use GAZ_UI)
Mex Manager (not needed if you use Supreme Economy)|||Moved to mod talk.|||This will quickly get a lock.
/BulletMagnet bets a cookie.
[PS:] will not make bets with moderators.
/BulletMagnet glares at OrangeMike.|||Here's all the big names I can think of, in no particular order:
GAZ UI (UI mod with a big list of features)
AZUI (UI mod that I don't know much about)
Total Veterancy 1.17
TVg by Ghaleon (veterancy mod loosely based on TV 1.17)
the Blackops family of mods (unit packs, balance changes, improved ACUs)
4th Dimension (unit pack / total conversion, drastic balance changes)
4th Dimension compatibility (4th dimension units balanced to work with normal FA units and other mods)
Phantom N (the most popular mod in online custom games)
Community Bug Fix Patch v4 and the Bug Fix mod
3603 mod (implements most or all of the 3603 beta patch changes)
Sorian's AI
Duncane's AI fixes
Experimental Wars (unit pack, balance changes)|||Bullet's On click wonder is pretty neat as well|||In addition to the mods already mentioned I frequently use these:
GROTTENOLM85 - Upgradeable HC Plant v2 FA
SEIYA - Advanced PD[FA] V2.0
GHALEON - T3 Engineeringstations v2 FA
Total Annihilation Music mod FA 1.2
MAD BORIS - Core Maximizer 1.03 (I know it is not actually a mod)
CHOJIN - AutoTML 1.1.1 FA
THAPEAR - SquareShieldWalls
Seiya is also working on an autoreclaim mod (like SupCom2) I will use when it is finished.|||Goom's "Massfabmanager" and "Auto-groups" were also quite nice, latter especially for handling huge drone *armies*.
Warma also made a great mod for unit control "W Groups".
Lurkily's "T2/T3 Storage" also was a great one, adding upgradeable Storage Structures, been what I used for ages.
Then there's Schnitzelmakers "Commanders Revenge", a favourite of mine doing Survival maps with.
Bulletmagnet's "Ultimate OverKill Control" should also be mentioned.
Still a bunch of other mods well worth a mention.|||why should this be locked?
people need to know which mods are the top mods, and which ones are not updated on the vault anymore|||W Groups had some nice functionality, but it totally brutalizes performance on my machine. Too bad. I still keep it enabled, albeit neutered, to provide some additional keypress functionality (like the single-key ACU zoom/select).
ThaPear has made a bunch of neat UI mods, and I think his massfab mod has the best logic w/r/t when to turn off which fabs, without any more performance overhead than the others. I can't remember what the name of the mod is, though.|||interesting, I wasn't aware ThaPear had continued working on it. Am looking forward to compare it. ThaPear's resizeable movable ui and quite a few others of his.
Sorian's Lobby enhancement mod, and last but not least:
Supreme Economy by MacielPL, an absolutely brilliant tool for managing your economy.|||Mithy|||Don't forget PlayerTrack. It doesn't affect gameplay at all but it does track (custom games played over GPGnet) stats and has a rating and bad player avoidance system.
Its stats and do-not-play flags are useful, but the rating is all but worthless. Something like 80% of players must be flagged as noobs, while only a few are even rated as good. While it may be true that the majority of players are fairly bad, I'd say you're not really a noob if you're better than 51% of players. It's not just that it encourages elitist bastardry either; it just doesn't tell me anything about a player if they are flagged as a noob when everyone else is too.|||Supreme Commander: Total Annihilation.
It may not be as popular as other mods, but in terms of content it's one of the biggest ones out there.|||I should mention the nomads. That was a totally new faction, but unfortunately it never got beyond beta status.
I even was one the coders in the first group that did work on it, b4 we stopped and handed it on to the current group (which I think doesnt work on it anymore either)|||There was a simple mod that cut out the slow animations on the FA main menu. I can't remember what it was called though.
Edit: This should be it.|||Raevn|||slinki|||Yeah that's what I thought. Can't wait till it's finished.|||FA campaign mod enabler - use mods in campaign
My Speed - hacks out the autoslowdown from the exe
Core Maximizer - MadBoris - uses all processor cores
Sorian AI mod - great ai
Cheating AI Adjustment Options 0.9 - Sorian - resource multipliers, cheating ai radar fog
Duncane's FA AI Patch
[REL FA]Experimental Wars 1.96 - Manimal - brutal units
UEF Advanced holographic Jamming - Resin_Smoker
Alien Nation's Unit Additions, Alien Nation's Transport Mod - PUREVENOM,Legion Darrath,Seiya,Zodius,redattack34,C.Lupus,prycey,Lurkily,dcbo89 and Kodoschaf
Blackops - Lt_hawkeye, Exavier Macbeth, DeadMG
ALROBS Customized all-in-one GUI Mod pack for FA - alrob
Base Assault - duncane - prebuilt units set prebuilt teched bases
BlackOps Adv Command Units - Exavier Macbeth - intelligent upgrades
BlackOps Buffed ACUs - Exavier Macbeth + Normalius
Modification of the above with liquid logic matrices (unstable version) for fast ACU-transforming abilities.
Greater teleport, and anti-teleport ranges, no-cost upgrades, tweaked resource-generation.
Fixed "too high level" issue with Total Veterancy.
BlackOps Alternate Reality - Lt_hawkeye - brutal units
BlackOps Unleashed Balance Changes - Lt_hawkeye
BlackOps Special Weapons - Exavier Macbeth - more brutal units
BlackOps Naval Rebalance - Exavier Macbeth
BlackOps Global Icon Support Mod - Exavier Macbeth - you need this for all blackops
BlackOps Unleashed - Lt_hawkeye - the main one
Terran Bunker - Normalius
My meager try to make a transport building is not finished - so a little regenerating shieldbubbled building with omni for UEF
Capinator - BulletMagnet - unit cap based on tech level
Chain of Command - Cockmaster 3000 - you need to kill all ACUs and SACUs in assassination mode
Cliff Hanger extreme. - Florian Draxler (Keugon) - you can build on rougher terrain
Divide Unit Cap - Sorian - killed sides distribute unitcaps between survivors
Prebuild Paragon - Legion Darrath - prebuilt units flag equals an infinite energy making paragon at your starting point - defend it!
1500 for humans - Normalius - AI unitcap is at set value, human players at 1500, you need to set prebuilt units to function
My code installed here makes humans play by 1500, AIs just the original unit caps - it's in the wrong place, need ideas!
TA Metal Style Maps
You can build metal extractors everywhere.
Mo' Def, Mo' Storages - Presskohle/Hackbart
I had to take out AI-code here - it made the Seraphim maaad...
At last I melted the units inside.
Supreme Shields - GJohnny - big shields, blowing up like a nuke, if destroyed
T3 Engineering Stations - Ghaleon - for all sides, different ones
TerraFormer - Limitz - you can set terrain level, and make ramps too
TVg V4.83 - TotalVeterancy - Eni, maintained by Ghaleon - older bases and units becoming priceless
I've got out the teleport speed part from here - it conflicted with Blackops anti-teleport
Unit Cap x4 - Ghaleon
Water World - finesse, thanks to Legion Darrath and Atlis for their water mods - makes a lot of buildings able to withstand water|||Exactly what I was looking for thanks!

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